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    Do you want to backpack in Mexico?

    Mexico is known worldwide for tortillas, tacos and tequila.
    The landscape of Mexico consists of deserts, volcanoes, waterfalls, rain forests, mountain areas, mangrove forests and many seaside resorts with white sandy beaches and clear blue water. These resorts are ideal for sunbathing and for water sports, such as: diving, snorkeling and kite surfing.
    Mexico has a long history and has in the course of time been inhabited by ...

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    Do you want to backpack in Indonesia?

    Indonesia is rightly one of the most popular holiday destinations of 2018. Mainly Bali is very popular because of its friendly Buddhist culture, but next to Bali the other islands of Indonesia are perfect to stay and discover. A lot less touristy, but therefore still cheap and authentic. Moreover, the food is fantastic and also ...

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    Want to backpack in Colombia?

    Colombia is Booming! You hear more and more people going to this amazing and surprisingly safe country. The stands are fairytale-like. Nature is still nature and the old Spanish colonial cities are extremely charming. The local population is incredibly hospitable and does everything to make you feel comfortable. In addition ...

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    Costa Rica

    Do you want to backpack in Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica is THE destination of Central America. The country is safe, the inhabitants are friendly and Costa Rica also has a lot of wildlife. In the many national parks you often encounter wild monkeys, lagoons, many special birds and many other animals. Public transport is well organized and moreover Costa Rica ...

  • Destinations 2019


    Wanna go backpacking in Thailand?

    Thailand is THE top destination among backpackers and other travelers. The reason for this is that Thailand as destination has all the ingredients to discover a different world, but is still fairly easy to travel. In addition, there are many cheap flights to Bangkok and Thailand is centrally located in Southeast Asia.
    De infrastructuur in Thailand is prima, de boeddhistische is …